There are infinite futures. There are apocalyptic wastelands and galaxy spanning utopias, strange technologies waiting in the wings, and injustices we can't even imagine yet. But there are things that all these futures have in common, inevitabilities we cannot escape. The world is getting hotter every year. Each new wildfire that blazes across a northern state and lake that pools in the Arctic circle is another step in the path that leads us to a future that is both warmer and less predictable. 

When we consider the future we help shape it. Every piece of speculative art adds to a conversation that guides what happens next. But this contribution does not equal power, and we are often in the unenviable position of being responsible for the future without being in control of it. The works in this show address the complex human responses to a future that is both increasingly certain and increasingly volatile. Whether it is a warm embrace or a purifying fire, the future is definitely hot.

LeMieux Galleries is pleased to host its second juried exhibition, 'And Now for Something New' Vol 2. The show will open during White Linen Night on August 3rd and will remain on view through Sept 28th.

This year's jurors are Laura Richens, the Curator of the Carroll Gallery in the Newcomb Art Department of Tulane University, and Dale Newkirk, professor of Visual Arts and Director of University Art Galleries at Southeastern Louisiana University.

The jury winning artist will receive a show at LeMieux Galleries in 2021.

LeMieux Galleries

332 Julia St
New Orleans, LA 70130

Featured Artist for the month of April at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art Museum Shop

The opening reception is Thursday August 23​rd​
6-9PM at 646 Tchoupitoulas St.​ There will be an artists panel on Saturday September 1st from 7-8:30pm.

Brand New Orleans Art Gallery presents FABRICATED, a group show featuring the work of
Holly Sudduth, Caitlin Fitzgerald, Rosalie Smith, and Lena Kolb. This exhibition focuses on
reexamining traditional forms of metal and fiber artworks through the lens of four contemporary
women artists.
Fiber artist Lena Kolb approaches weaving with a sharp eye for design. Her geometric patterns
and bold landscapes magnify the texture of individual fibers while simultaneously painting a
cohesive and calming composition. Rosalie Smith also presents tapestries, but rather than using
yarn, these works are made of synthetic flowers collected from the drainage channels of New
Orleans' cemeteries. What we see in her tapestries is a discarded object of tradition and beauty
transformed into an art object.
In Holly Sudduth’s sculptural wall reliefs, we see the age old battle of nature vs modernity.
Sudduth uses metal to mimic the texture and quality of bark, reflecting on the everyday conflict
for technology and nature to coexist. There is an element of whimsy in these pieces that is also
present in the work of Caitlin Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald tackles the often dark and morbid task of
taxidermy head on with bright patterns and rhinestones. She presents stained glass that tells of
folklore and legends, inside of repurposed saws and tire rims. This work demonstrates a
reclamation of objects and a reclamation of the female narrative.
Each of the artists in FABRICATED have built their practice around materializing concepts and
transforming practical object to art object. FABRICATED will be on view from August 23rd
through the end of September. The opening reception is Thursday August 23​rd​
6-9PM at 646 Tchoupitoulas St.​ There will be an artists panel on Saturday September 1st from 7-8:30pm.

I am excited to have a Tapestry in "Louisiana Contemporary" Ogden Museum of Southern Art  



Join us for the opening reception of Louisiana Contemporary, Presented by The Helis Foundation on Hancock Whitney White Linen Night on August 4, 5:30 – 9:30 p.m. Come See the South!

Every August the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, in connection with Hancock Whitney White Linen Night, hosts its opening reception for its annual exhibitionLouisiana Contemporary, Presented by The Helis Foundation.

Established in 2012, this statewide, juried exhibition promotes the contemporary art practices in the state of Louisiana, provides an exhibition space for the exposition of living artists’ work and engages a contemporary audience that recognizes the vibrant visual arts culture of Louisiana and the role of New Orleans as a rising international art center.

Kirschman Gallery

"Between Stitches"

March 5th- April 7th 2018

2800 Charters Street NOLA

Reception March 8th 6-8PM

Tigermen Den Gallery

"Weaving Techniques"

March 9th- April 2nd 2018

3113 Royal Street NOLA

Reception is March 15th 6-9PM

Intro to Tapestry Weaving 
Glitter Box

March 7th 6-9PM

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