New Orleans Weaving Studio

Lena and Phoebe are both textile artists that share a studio space in New Orleans. They work on their looms making scarves, blankets and tapestries and also love to teach the craft to whomever is inspired to learn. They teach out of their studio as well as different locations around town from herb stores and craft shops to museums and gardens. Our goal is to keep the art of weaving alive and promote the craft as a meditative activity, a tactile workout and of course a form of artistic expression.

What we offer:

We hold private and group lessons in our studio where we teach weaving techniques on floor looms as well as frame loom and tapestry weaving. 

Frame loom weaving is a fun, creative activity that can be taken anywhere. A perfect addition to any event. We supply everything you need to for a exciting weaving workshop wherever you are hosting your party!

Kids love weaving too! Ages 7 and up welcomed!

Contact us at [email protected]!

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*January Workshops*

Beginning Tapestry Weaving Workshop 
at Glitter Box Tuesday, January 10th, 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM, $50

Students will leave this hands on workshop with an understanding of how to make a unique handwoven wall hanging and the confidence to continue to explore weaving on their own. You will learn to wrap a frame loom, plain weave, rya knots and how to create shapes and patterns. 

Materials included and you can have the option to purchase the loom for $35 at the end of the workshop.
No prior weaving experience needed  Register Here!

Weaving on a backstop style loom
January 12th, 10am-3pm, $100

We will be using Leclerc Rigid heddle back strap style looms. In this class you will learn how to make a warp for this loom, thread it and weave on it. You will be able to take the loom home with you to continue your weaving journey. 

Pack a lunch and we will break to eat at noon. 

This class is designed for someone who has taken one of our weaving classes before, or someone who has weaving or hand work experience.

The cost of the class includes the loom!
To register email us at [email protected]

Contact us at [email protected] to make an appointment for private or small group weaving lessons!

Weaving In City Park!!
November 25th 12-2pm

Come join us for an afternoon of weaving in the park.
We will be set up to the right of the Museum, by the water under a tree.
Brig your own weaving project or come try out our floor looms!
This is not a class its just a fun opportunity to hang out, weave and get to know each other.

 Tapestry Weaving Workshop at Home Malone NOLA May 2018

Four harness weaving class at our studio April 2018

Tapestry Weaving workshop at Glitter Box 2018

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Four harness weaving class with Lena

This is our 20" Structo Artcraft Table Loom. As you can see there are no floor treadles, this is hand operated.

This our 24" Norwood floor loom

This is our 22" Dorset Floor loom

This is our Kromski Harp rigid heddle loom. This is a great loom to come by the studio and try out if you are thinking of purchasing your own loom. Rigid heddle looms are great for home weavers and are fairly inexpensive and widely accessible.

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